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Python with Machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) gaining importance for the past ten years, machine learning is the branch of AI that predicts future values based on historical values. There is a need of filling the gap between academics and industry in the field of machine learning. To implement the machine learning applications, there's a need to understand the basic steps employed namely data collection, pre-processing, feature extraction, and classification. For classification purposes we are having supervised, unsupervised, artificial neural network and deep learning models.

  1. Candidates looking to build their career line in the field of Data science, statics and machine learning.
  2. Employees looking for the job change to machine learning domain
  3. Students who looking for the job in data-science domain
  1. 20 + hands on projects
  2. 2 real time projects
  3. 60 hours of self-packed learning videos
  1. Deep learning model designs for image, text and video.
  2. Classifiers model design for image, text and video.

IoT with Microcontroller

Internet of things is the technology where all the nodes are connected and controlled through the internet. The learning of IoT is as simple as fetching the data from the sensors and feeding it to the clouds.

  1. Arduino programming
  2. Basic C programming
  3. Embedded system Design
  4. Architecture of Microcontroller
  5. Interface controller to the cloud.