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The cost for the plagiarism check is as below

A. Less than 100 pages cost is 100 rupees per check
100 Rupees payment link –

B. More than 100 pages cost is 250 rupees per check

250 Rupees payment link –

Send both Payment screenshot & WORD/PDF file in below whats app link and get your report within 30 minutes.

Most of the manuscripts, journal papers get rejected due to the high level of plagiarism detected hence before submitting to a journal editor or to a university plagiarism checking is essential. This service will help the research scholars, under or post-graduate students to know the level of plagiarism. Our expert team is available to obtain customized plagiarism checking report.

The generated report has the level of copying along with the citations of the sources. In most cases accidentally we become a victim of plagiarism hence check before damage occurs. Plagiarism is unethical and unacceptable because it is like claiming others’ work as own.


  1. The TURNITIN is used to check the plagiarism of the document.
  2. The expert teams will assist to read the Turnitin report.

Additional services provided if essential

Grammar checking facility for on-demand customers whats app us for the details


  1. Data is secure and confidential.
  2. No saving to the Repository.

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